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[Tutorial] BBCode

on Tue Jul 25, 2017 7:42 am
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This tutorial will teach you all how to use bbcode in your posts.

What is BBCode?

BBCode is a simplified form of code often used on forums, it is often used to bold, italics, underline and/or strikethrough text and more. It is very simple and easy for people who are techonology savvy or often use forums, but can seem unfamilar to someone who has never seen or used it much before. That is why I am writing this tutorial, to familiarize you all with how BBcode works and how to properly use it. If you have any questions about using BBcode after reading this tutorial, feel free to post your question(s) below. With that out of the way, let us begin.

There are some common BBCodes every user on BD should learn and/or know how to use, as they are crucial in doing alot if things, besides simply posting, anything else you post will need BBCode.

Some of common ones are:

Will look like: Bold

Will look like: Underline

Will look like: Italics

Will look like: Strikethrough

[code] [/code]
Explaination: Used often when displaying text users want to be easily selectable, such as forms, templates, also used for posting codes and bbcodes as is WITHOUT it showing the intended effect. (Like we are doing in this tutorial, we are using this tag to show you the different bbcodes Very Happy).
Will look like:

Title: Quote
Explaination: Often used to qoute another user on the site's post.
Will look like:
@brandon_g wrote:This is a quote

Explaination:  Used to put some content in a spoiler. A spoiler is a little box with an open button or an area to click the spoiler, when clicked the spoiler will expand and show the content inside. A spoiler is most commonly used to reduce scrolling when there are large pictures or posts. It can also of course be used to hide content that could spoil something for someone else (SPOILER ALERT!).
Will look like:
This is a spoiler

Title: Color
[color] [/color]
Will look like (depending on the color being used): Green text color

When writing a post that you are using bbcode tags for, make sure that your cursor is in between the 2 two tags, as seen in the below screenshot:

If you are doing it correctly when you are typing the word it will look like this:

All BBCode has an opening and closing tag,  so for example the opening tag for underline would be:

and the closing tag would be:

Generally a closing tag is simply the opening tag with a forward slash (/) in front of it.

There are also some more not so common ones that can be used on BD to make text and posts look cool.

Advanced BBCode - Not so common

Title: Scrolling text BBCODE

[scroll]  [/scroll]

Explanation: Will make the text scroll from right to left across the screen.
Will look like: See how the text is scrolling?

Title: Bullet list


Explanation: A BBCode used to make something into a bullet list. Often used to list stuff that don't necessarily have a specific order.
Will look like:

  • This is a bullet list

Title: Number list

Explanation: Used to create a numbered list, most often used to list stuff that has a specific order.
Will look like:

  1. This is a numbered list

That is what BBCode is and how it is used. That is also a few of the more common ones and a few un common ones as well. You may notice that I left out a few, that is because we will be writing a tutorial on those specific ones/functions.

I hope this tutorial was somewhat helpful and will help you all better understand what BBCode is and how it is used.  If you still have any questions about BBCode or how to use it, feel free to reply to this topic and I will do what can to answer them.

Tutorial written by: Brandon[/u]
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Re: [Tutorial] BBCode

on Wed Jul 26, 2017 2:02 pm
Tutorial Accepted
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