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[CSS] PunBB Selectors and ID's

on Mon Nov 18, 2013 6:35 pm
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This topic is a work in progress

This topic is a list of selectors or ID's for Punbb. These allow you to manage the style of your forum through the CSS Stylesheet.

Some of the selectors listed will be links, clicking these links will display an image of the selector and what it modifies.

Basic Selectors
Most basic selectors are HTML elements, they're derived from their HTML tag names.

* - *Wildcard selector selects all elements
a - Use for styling hyperlinks
b - Use for styling texts with a bold font-weight
body - Use for selecting the document body
button - Use for styling buttons
dd - Use for styling Descriptions/values
dl - Use for styling Description lists
dt - Use for styling term/name of a description list
div - Use for styling block level elements
em - Use for styling emphasized texts
h1 - h6 - Use for styling Headings
hr - Use for styling the Horizontal Line separator
i - Use for styling Italicized texts
iframe - Use for styling iframes, useful for managing dimensions
img - Use for styling images, useful for advanced selection
input - Use to style input fields, commonly used in Forumotion profiles
li - Use to style list items
p - Use to style paragraphs
select - Use to style drop down lists, commonly used in Forumotion forums
span - Use for styling inline elements
strong - Use for styling important texts
table - Use for styling tables
tbody - Use for styling table bodies
tr - Use for styling table rows
td - Use for styling table data cells
th - Use for styling table heads

The table selectors are extremely common in Phpbb2 and lack unique selectors as well, which makes CSS styling difficult. PunBB also uses tables, but has unique selectors for styling.

Homepage Index
These selectors are common in the homepage of Punbb forums.


You can edit the following selectors specifically by specifying the element of this selector. Example td.tcr will edit a data cell with the class tcr whereas th.tcr will edit a table head data with the class tcr.

.tcl - Allows you to the edit the forum row which holds a forum and its content such as: description, sublinks, forumtitle.
.tc2 - Allows you to edit the topics row of the forum
.tc3 - Allows you to edit the posts row of the forum
.tcr - Allows you to edit the lastposts row of the forum

Viewonline Information Box

#pun-info - Allows you to edit the viewonline information box
#stats - Allows you to edit the stats table for the viewonline information box
#onlinelist - Allows you to edit the users online list for the viewonline information box
#onlinechat - Allows you to edit the chatbox information for the viewonline information box
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