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phpbb3: Display Title Text As It Was Typed

on Thu Oct 03, 2013 2:37 pm
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Display Title Text As It Was Typed phpbb3

This tutorial will help you fix the text transformation of titles. Instead of the default of titles being displayed as 'UPPERCASE' they will instead be displayed as 'none' which means the text will display as it was typed. I myself didn't prefer the titles being displayed in all caps which is why I'm writing this up for users who also do not fancy such. The image below gives a brief example of what I am talking about, if you wish to do the same please read on further.

Applying Fix Through CSS

Since I gathered most of the selectors for these titles you don't have to do a lot of work. Below is a code to fix the titles to 'none' i.e. the title text will display as it was typed. To apply the code below navigate your way to..
Admin Panel > Display > Pictures and Colors > Colors > CSS stylesheet

Paste the following code into your stylesheet and submit.
li.header dd, li.header dt, .h3, h3, table.table1 thead th, dl.codebox dt{
Once you have submitted the code all titles on the forum should display as they were typed, no longer yelling at you when you read them. Perchance I missed a selector and a title is displaying in uppercase, I would appreciate it if you told me so I can apply that selector to the code above, thanks.


If you by any chance want to modify this code I'll explain what you can do with text-transform. I'll explain briefly about the values you can apply to this property if 'none' is not what you were looking for, so please read on below.

none: The text will display as it was typed.
lowercase: transforms all written characters to lowercase.
capitalize: Transforms The First Character Of Each Word To Uppercase.
inherit: The text-transform property should be inherited from the parent element

If you wanted you could apply a different font to these titles using font-family, or give them a different color with color and some emphasis with font-style. Experiment freely and see what you like best.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your forums. Wink

Useful Reading


Tutorial written by Ange Tuteur
No reproduction possible without my consent.
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Re: phpbb3: Display Title Text As It Was Typed

on Thu Oct 03, 2013 3:52 pm

Thanks for posting another tutorial.
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